Best Dvd Player Download

Which is the best DVD player? How to download the DVD player? How to get the DVD player for free?

I am going to help you have the best DVD player in your system for viewing movies without any trouble.

Note: I am going to talk about the software to use in the computer, not the hardware that plays the DVD for your TV

I have been using Power DVD, Windows Media Player, Real Player, and Nero player for so long thinking that these are the only players that can play the DVD. But I found many others which are better than this.

The Best DVD Player is VLC Media Player. Being in India, I was not able to buy the costly software to play my DVD. I tried this wonderful software and this is amazing.

VLC Media Player default Look
VLC Media Player default Look

This looks very simple yet powerful

You need to have Divx codec and other AC3 filters installed in your computer. If you have these, I promise that it will play 99% of all the movies videos that you have or in the market.

Download the VLC Media player

Go to the above page and choose download link and mirror website for downloading.

I have another post that talks more about VLC media player Tips and Tricks, do visit that page to get more information.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment.

Dave 🙂

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