Best Firefox Add On’s

Best Firefox add on’s

Firefox add ons are free and can be used to increase the production, user friendly interface, more shortcuts for getting a different web experience and many more.

The following add ons are the best ones that I use.

Adblock Plus

This is one of my favorite addons. How many times you have to close a web page because of the porno ad that you cannot tolerate.

No need to worry from now. You can browse any website without these annoying ads.

Just install this add on and see the difference. You do not need to configure this after installation. This automatically updates and integrates with any web page and shows a block icon near any frame or images. If it happens to display any ads you can just click the block button to block the image forever.

You can read more about this when you visit adblock Plus website. Click here to get adblock


This is one more wonderful addon you should have in your browser.

If you are browsing a lot and if you don’t want to jump from page to page, if you don’t want to fill your browser tab with too many tabs, you can have this addon.

How it works?

After you install this addon, you just need to move your mouse next to any clickable link or button. You will see a small blue icon next to the link. You can either click the icon or just keep on the icon for 1 sec, this will open a preview window which will open in the same page.

You can see if the page is required and you need to visit or not. If you are not interested, you just need to move your cursor outside the preview window or just click outside the window.

If you want to visit the page that you see in the preview window, just click the up arrow which is located on the top of the preview window. This will open a new tab.

This is also an alternative for tabs in browsers. I guess this was launched recently after most powerful addons by Firefox but this seems to be downloaded by so many people around the world.

Click here to download and try it on your browser. This does not slow down your computer performance. 🙂

Download Helper

This is a very helpful addon with Firefox for streaming most of the videos that you see online. Specially from, Google Videos, Meta cafe and many more. This offers more option for creating and saving a video files.

This is not the big wonder. You can download all the videos in a page just by just selecting them using the mouse.

Lets take Youtube for example. Search for anything that you like. Youtube will display the results, if you want to download all the videos, just select all the videos and right click the mouse to get the video downloader option.

It is that simple


Foxmarks is a bookmarks synchronizing add on. You may have 2 computers, usually one at office and one at home. You would like to remember a website, so you bookmark that website in your office PC. Now to get that in your home PC, use this tool. This will automatically synchronize all the bookmarks the same way that you have done in your office PC.

You will get the same bookmarks in your home PC too. You can do this vice versa.

This is one most best tool that you need to have in your Firefox browser.

Click here to download the Add on.

Google Notebook

This is one more powerful tool offered by Google.

When you surf the net, you want to remember some information or take a note of the content that you read. Google is also a very powerful company with so many useful tools for the internet users. All you need to have is the 1 Google account to put everything together.

Install this addon, and select the content from any page and right click. The menu will give you an option of “Copy to Google notebook”. Just click that option and your note will be saved automatically. You can do more with the Google notebook such as creating multiple notebook, labeling them and commenting on the notebook. If you want to share this with your friends, you also get an option for that.

Click here to download Google notebook.

Scrap book

This is something similar to Google notebook but does not store your information in the server. It only stores all your information in the desktop.

But this is more powerful than Google. You can use this scrap book to copy the whole web page hassle free and this storage is searchable. All the options are available once you install this.

Click here to download the scrapbook


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