Google Chrome Tips and Tricks, Enlarge the Content Box

You can enlarge or resize or expand the content box or input box of any website if you are using Google chrome

I have tried this resizing option with many other browser but it did not give me this option.

  • If you are a web-based email user, you know what I am talking about
  • I use Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail, Rediff etc….
  • When I compose a message, it only displays a small box for the content to input. Sometimes it is annoying.
  • I use Google to eliminate this issue
  • Open your web-based email in Google chrome browser
  • Open the compose page
  • You will see the page as below
Google Chrome Content Box
Google Chrome Content Box
  • See the gray styled square at the bottom of each content box, including address
  • Just left click on the square and hold the left mouse button to drag to any size you want
  • Now you can expand any field of your choice if you are entering something very large

This is very helpful in composing email in Yahoo classic, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail or any other web-based email

This method is getting implemented in all popular browsers nowadays, but not on all the pages

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Dave 🙂

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome Tips and Tricks, Enlarge the Content Box”

  1. I use Yahoo email, and Google Chrome, and the little grey squares are only on the to: and cc: not on the body of the message. Any ideas?

  2. Followed your above instruction and have the same results as the previous post by Lafia.

    Interesting stuff, both google and yahoo don’t want people send out long texted email?

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