Gtalk (Google Talk)


Gtalk is a Chat Software introduced by Google.

Instant Messaging, PC to PC voice calls, Gmail Notifications, File Transfers

Gtalk is a lightweight software for Instant Messaging, it has all the features of other popular IM softwares like Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL (AIM) and there are no annoying ads in Gtalk.

Gtalk may be different for new users but when they start using it, they will feel great to work with Gtalk.

There are features like adding smileys and to consolidate all the IM windows into one window.

Google Talk (Gtalk) Im Window
Google Talk (Gtalk) IM Window

You can also chat using gtalk and it is very simple. You can call any friend who has a gmail ID or Google account ID. If they are not online you can leave a voice mail which will be delivered via email. This is one wonderful feature that you cannot find in any other IMs. This can be compared with Skype which does not give voice mail feature for all the users but the quality of the calls are much better than any other IMs. But Gtalk offers voice mail feature which is very very good.

You can add avatar into Gtalk like any other IM.

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