How to Sign Up for Gmail? (Google Mail)

How to get an email ID from Gmail?

  • Go to the website
  • You will get a screen like below, and click on the “Sign Up for Gmail” button
Gmail Sign Up page
Gmail Sign Up page
  • Choose the language you want Google to display
  • Fill your details in the page that appear like below
Gmail Sign Up form
Gmail Sign Up form
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Login name is the one you need to use to sign in to google mail or this is called your email ID
  • It will not be easy to get something fancy, but always try to relate the id with your name, so your friends can easily remember your ID
  • Check if the ID is already taken, if taken try another one (there is no limitation to check which Id you want)
  • Choose a strong password with a mixer of symbols and and alphanumeric characters.
  • The chat feature is enabled by default in gmail. You can choose to store the history or not
  • Security Question
    • This is very important
    • I have lost couple of IDs because I was not able to remember the security question and the answer
    • Ask your own question or choose a common question for all your email
    • The most common questions in any email sign up form are
      • What is your first pet name
      • What is your first school name
    • Choose the one which you can remember
    • Maintain a diary if you want to, but keep it in a safe place
    • Do not save the password and security answers in your computer (You may not be able to retrieve it if it crashes)
  • If you have one more email ID, you can submit that to Google. So Gmail will send you the confirmation. You can leave it empty if you do not have any other email ID
  • Choose your country
  • Enter the letter shown in the image. This will be difficult to identify, please take a close look and enter it. If you have entered it wrong it will ask you again to enter it correctly
  • Read the terms of service and Accept the terms
  • If you have entered any wrong information, the form will appear again and the wrong fields are highlighted.

It is very easy to get the Gmail ID. I have also posted Gmail features and tips and tricks to get full benefits of Google Mail.

Remember do not try to create more than 2 or 3 email IDs at the same time. Google allows user to create up to 10 email ID at the same time.

Let me know if it was helpful to you. post a comment if you have question

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