Edit, Rename, Delete Gmail Labels (Gmail Tips and Tricks)

How to Create, Edit, Rename or delete Labels in Gmail?

Gmail offers this wonderful feature called labels to organize the emails. I have already posted about changing label colors. Follow these steps to Edit the labels.

  • Log in to Gmail
  • Top right corner of the page you will see the settings button, Click “Settings”
  • You will get a page with all the settings information
  • Click the “Label” Tab
  • You will see all the available labels
  • If you want to rename any Labels, on the right side you will see a link called “Rename”
  • Click the “Rename” link, you will see a pop up asking for the new name
  • Enter the new name and change the label name
  • If you want to delete any labels that you do not want, Click “Remove” link at the right side of the each Label
  • It will ask for a confirmation to delete (You cannot get the labels back)
  • If you click OK the label will be deleted
  • Remember, if you delete a label, the emails assigned with the labels will not be deleted. But if you delete the label by mistake you cannot assign the label back to the same emails
  • If you want to create a new label
  • Enter the new label name into the “Create a new Label” Box and click “Create”
Edit Label Demo
Edit Label Demo

You can create many labels

You can color the labels as you want

If you have any question or suggestion, Please post a comment.

dave 🙂

12 thoughts on “Edit, Rename, Delete Gmail Labels (Gmail Tips and Tricks)”

  1. I deleted a label but I can’t find the old email. Where does it go? It’s not in my trash or in my inbox. Help.

    1. It should have gone to the Archieves.

      try doing a search in the search box

      in:All mail

      you will see all your emails there

  2. All my incoming mail are assigned a lable I created for a particular purpose. How do I make sure only the mail for that intended purpose will be labled?

  3. This works for labels *I* have created. Does not work for *System* labels.

    I want to change Trash and Spam to i-Trash and i-Spam so they sit at the top of the list just under the Inbox. Any way to do that?

    Reason is that I have many many labels and to access Trash and Spam I have to scroll down, click More and hope that it opens and lets me scroll down instead of — as most often happens — pop open my chat list. It’s very very sensitive. Hard to get to Trash and Spam, which I seem to need to access at least every other day.

    Any suggestions on how to move Spam and Trash up near the top of my Labels list?

    1. There is an easy way.

      Visit the settings/Labels page

      There you click “SHOW” for Spam and Trash labels. Save the settings

      Now check your email interface, reload if necessary. You will see SPAM and TRASH on top of the other labels you have created. No need to click more

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