Gmail Tips and Tricks – Adding Email Signature

What is Gmail signature?

Signature in any email means the footer where you enter

Your Name

Your Name


You might enter your company address or your personal address and other information that you want to.

Gmail offer this feature

Gmail only offers plain signature not any Rich text or HTML or any Graphics format. You can use add-on in your browser to add the HTML signature in Gmail.

To set up Gmail Signature

  • Login to Gmail
  • Click on Settings that appear on right top corner of the page
  • You will be under General Tab
  • And you will also get an option for Signature like seen below

Gmail Add Signature

  • Start entering your Gmail Signature text
  • And click Save Changes at the bottom of this page
  • Now go to your Compose Box
  • You will see your Signature as seen below

Gmail Add Signature 1

  • Your Gmail signature is separated with 2 dashes
  • If you do not want to send your Gmail signature, Just delete it in your compose box
  • You can also permanently delete it in Settings option
  • When people receive your email they will see your Gmail signature at the bottom of the message as seen below

Gmail Add Signature 2

  • Gmail signature has lot of disadvantages when compared with desktop email clients
  • You can not add a HTML signature
  • You cannot control where the Gmail signature has to display when sending replies
  • Gmail team is working on many signature feature which I will update you all.

If you have a question or suggestion, please feel free to post a comment.

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