Gmail Tips and Tricks – Block the email sender (Gmail Spam Filter)

Gmail does not offer a feature to completely block the senders. You can only spam the message or you can only delete the messages.

You can set filters to do this action.

If you want any emails to be deleted in feature, create a filter to delete the messages automatically

To create a delete filter,

Copy the senders address that you want to automatically delete

Select �Create Filter� appearing next to the Search button Gmail Create  Filter

Enter the senders email address Gmail Create  Delete Filter 1

Click Next Step

Choose Delete

Then click Create filter Gmail Create  Delete Filter

So messages coming from now from the address what you specified will automatically be sent to Trash

You can also choose from the Inbox view and set the filter

Open your Inbox

Choose the message that you want to delete automatically

Then click more action Gmail More action

You will see a drop down menu with many options

Click Filter Messages like this

Gmail Create  Delete Filter 2

Gmail automatically opens the filter option with the email address, so you do not need to copy and paste

You need to follow the other steps of setting the filters like choose delete and create filter

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