Gmail Tips and Tricks – Delete Gmail Chat History

Gmail Logo Gmail offers a feature where one can chat from Gmail Inbox.

Gmail stores the chat history in a folder inside Gmail. You can disable this feature or if you want to delete the chat history, you can delete it by the following method.

  • Login to Gmail.
  • On the left side of the screen you will see the Chat menu below Starred menu. I do not mean the chat window.

Gmail Chat

  • Click the Chat button
  • You will see the list of chat history in this folder and all the chat history is stored in Email format
  • When you open any conversation, you will see the date, time and the name of the person you chat with
  • If you want to delete any chat history, choose the message that you want to delete and click more action
  • Gmail bring bunch of option and choose Delete as seen below

Gmail Delete Chat

  • The selected chat history will be deleted
  • You can also delete the chat history from the message view as described below
  • On right side of the message you will see Reply and an arrow next to it
  • Click the arrow to get a drop down menu
  • Select Delete this message

Gmail Delete Chat 1

  • Selected chat message will be deleted
  • All the deleted chat history is stored in Trash, so do not forget to delete the messages forever from trash folder

I have applied the theme so the view and color in your Gmail may differ.

If you have any questions or suggestion, please post a comment.

23 thoughts on “Gmail Tips and Tricks – Delete Gmail Chat History”

    1. You just need to go to trash and delete the chat messages. Let me know if you have more questions

  1. even thouigh i sign in and out (and even in different computers), and i close the gchat conversation ive been having with the other person, once i click on their names ( on gchat) the conversation we had previously pops up…please helppp!

    1. Have you deleted the chat history?, if not do it now and it will not display again.

      If you still have the issue, you can choose to always chat by clicking “Go off the record”

  2. I never saved my chat history, but when i click on the person i chated with recently all the chat is visible in that chat box. Could I be able to clear that one too.

    1. I do not think so, You do not have an option to delete or hide that. But can you try “Go Off the Record” that may solve your issue.

    2. Hi,
      I also have the same problem. I tryied all the ways to delete the history, but it is still there. Have you fixed it already?

  3. is there a fix for this? I want to delete the chat that I had with my gf so that My wife doesn’t see it. The chat is not visible in the chat history in gmail, but it’s visible if I open the chat window in gmail. Pls help…

  4. hi plz anyone say how to delete chat history in chat window…i deleted by using “chats” and “delete chats”..but still it is in chat window…tel one solution

  5. how to delete chat messages instantly .wen i close and open im able to previous chat record whch i dnt want .hw can i instanlty do it plz help

  6. i deleted the chat from the trash bin and the clicked on the persons name and the chat was still there will it be gone the next day?

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