Gmail Tips and Tricks Gmail Notifier (Get your Gmail Notified in your desktop)

Gmail (Google Mail) offers a small piece of software to notify you that you have a new email. This works great.

You do not need to go to your inbox or open your Gmail Tab to check for a new email.

  • Install Gmail Notifier and get the notification as seen below.

Gmail Notification

  • If a new email comes you will see a notification in your system trey which is at the right bottom of your windows PC.
  • The blue color mail icon indicates that Gmail notifier is running
  • Right click on the gmail notifier to get the below seen options

Gmail Notification Settings

  • When you click �View Inbox� Notifier will open the Gmail inbox in your default browser
  • You can click �Check mail now� to check any new emails, but you don�t need to do it since Gmail notifier automatically checks for new emails
  • If you want to know the recent notification just click �Tell me Again�, this will show the latest notification again.
  • If you want to set up your default browser for checking Gmail, you can click �Options� This will open a small window as seen below
  • You can choose the default browser for viewing Gmail inbox

Gmail Notification options

  • Click on the check box if you want to use Gmail as default email handler when you click on any email links
  • You can choose the browser you want and click OK to save the options
  • During the installation Gmail notifier will ask for the user name and password

The disadvantage is, you can only have only one gmail account configured with the Gmail notifier, so this will not be useful when you want multiple email notification

Download Gmail Notifier here (

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