Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail search, Exclude specific messages from your search

Gmail offers the search feature similar to Google search.

When you do the search, you can exclude unwanted messages by adding the hyphen as shown below.

If you are searching for any email with the word meeting but not the word November, type in the search box as meeting �November

Gmail Exclude Search

You need to add the hyphen and the word that you don�t want to see in your search result and remember not to put the space after the hyphen.

You can do advanced searches using this operator. And also you can only eliminate 1 word off from your search, if you want to eliminate more than 1 word, Gmail does not search properly.

If you want to filter out more than 1 word do the search as shown below.

Gmail Exclude Search 1 This Gmail search will bring all the emails with the word meeting and without the word November and December.

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