Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail Search, Find emails using exact phrases

Gmail offers a great search feature similar to Google search, it is very easy.

If you are looking for any emails that contains Social Gathering, you can do the simple search by typing Social Gathering in the search box. But Gmail will bring the emails with the word social and gathering anywhere in the email this will be very broad search.

If you type the search with in the quotes as shown below you will get the results exactly matching Social Gathering.

Type �Social Gathering�

Gmail exact phrase searchYou can also do this search along with other keywords,

for example subject:�Social Gathering�

Gmail exact phrase search 1 This will bring all the emails with the subject line Social Gathering

So the quotes around any phrases means the exact phrase without splitting them. Try this search and you will see the difference yourself.

You can also do this search by going into Gmail search options as shown below

Gmail Advanced Search You will see the below screen where you can enter your Gmail search criteria

Gmail Search Options If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment.

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