Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail Search, Find messages from more than 2 senders

Gmail offers a search feature which is similar to Google search. It is very easy to use. You can find emails from more than 1 sender in one search.

If you want to find all emails from any sender you need to use from: senders name

But the same time if you are looking for all the emails from David and Solomon, you can use the operator OR as seen below

From:David OR From:Solomon

You need enter the first search criteria and a space and OR and a space then the second search criteria.

OR should be uppercase.

Gmail OR Search

This search will bring the emails from David and Solomon.

You can also add more criteria using OR

If you want to find emails from David and also emails sent to Solomon, you can use the search to: as seen below

Gmail OR Search 1

This search will bring all the emails received from David and sent to Solomon

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Dave 🙂

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