Gmail Tips and Tricks – How to delete or edit Gmail filters

Gmail offers this fantastic feature of creating filters. And I have not seen any limitation for the number of filters one can create.

If you want to edit any filter follow the steps below

  • Login to Gmail
  • On top right corner of the page you will see the Settings options as seen below

Gmail settings menu

  • Click the Settings link
  • The settings page opens with the default General option
  • Click the Filter tab as seen below

Gmail settings Filter menu

  • This page will show you all the available filter
  • On right side of every filter you will see a Edit and Delete link

Gmail Filter options

  • If you click Edit, Gmail opens the filter options where you can make changes
  • If you click Delete, Gmail deletes the filter and Gmail will not ask for a confirmation
  • Once the filter is deleted Gmail shows the deleted confirmation as seen below

Gmail filter delete confirmation

  • In the same page you have the option for creating new filters.
  • Remember, when you delete any filters, Gmail will not ask for the confirmation

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