Gmail Tips and Tricks – How to Spell Check Gmail Content

Gmail offers fantastic spell check options, it is real time and not like any other email services.

When composing a new message in Gmail, you will see Check Spelling link on right side header of the compose box.

Just click on the �Check Spelling� link and you will see the errors highlighted in yellow color. Click on the highlighted text.

Gmail will open a drop down with the spelling suggestions, Choose the appropriate spelling for your text.

Here is a simple demo of how to spell check your Gmail content

Gmail Spell Check

Gmail also offers spell check in many other languages, to select the languages click on the small arrow next to the check spelling link.

Gmail Check spelling Once you finish checking the spelling just click Done next to the Check Spelling link.

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9 thoughts on “Gmail Tips and Tricks – How to Spell Check Gmail Content”

  1. Using gmail spell checker in Dutch doesn’t work. If I change the language to French and write some words in French spell checker don’t know these words and only the English words in the French option are spelled OK.
    I can’t understand this.
    Please help

    1. When replying or composing an email with my gmail there is NO SPELL CHECK anywhere to be seen on the page – not left,right, up or down. I have tried looking everywhere for it with other options (setings,etc.etc.)to no avail. Any suggestions? thanks for any help!

      1. I have the same problem. The spell check appears only when I “compose” but not when I “reply”. Have no idea why. If you receive a better answer – please forward it to me too.

  2. Recently my spell check in gmail has been correcting the word but then deleting the rest of the composed email. Does anyone know what that’s about?

  3. The gmail spell check is a rather crappy spell checking utility. First it isn’t automatic… you have to click the button for it. It should be able to automatically check while typing. Second, the spell checking is horrible. It finds incorrect words but also selects parts of words saying they are incorrect. One would think Goggle could make a good spell checker.

  4. They need to include the option “add to directory” so we don’t have to keep re-spelling the same words!! Adding capitals we leave out at the beginning of a sentence would also be handy. How do we contact gmail to tell them this stuff?? If is fairly basic and if they check out Outlook will find all the functions they need to use!!!

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