Gmail Tips and Tricks – Hyperlink your Gmail content (Link)

It may seem difficult for you to send links when composing new message in Gmail.

But Gmail automatically recognizes your web links and adds the hyperlink to the correct webpage.

For example if I want to like I just need to type the website name in the content box as seen below in the image

Gmail web Links

When I send this message Gmail will change all the website addresses to hyperlinks as seen below

Gmail Web links 1

You can also link any words to any websites when composing

Choose the words that you want to link to any websites and click the hyperlink button on the compose toolbar

Gmail Web links 2

You will see a small pop-up window opening like below

Gmail web links 3 Choose if you want to link the website or email address to your content

Enter the website address in the box as shown above, same way enter the email address in the box

Click Ok

Gmail confirms the website link inside your compose box as seen below

Gmail text link confirmation

You can close this by clicking the X mark, and continue with your message

So this feature is not available in any other email programs. Gmail is faster.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment

20 thoughts on “Gmail Tips and Tricks – Hyperlink your Gmail content (Link)”

  1. I want to create hyperlinks to websites in Gmail emails that display the “hand” icon when you hover over them. I can do them as you show above, but it takes the user an extra step to open the hyperlink. I see these all the time in emails that are sent to me, but I don’t know how to do them.


  2. @alan: those hyperlinks do get created when you send your mails, you may not see it while composing your message. Check your mail in the sent items and you’ll see how your mail is actually delivered. 🙂

  3. Hi there,

    A similar question with this hyper link. I would like to add hyper link image in my gmail. So when people click on the image will link to my email so they can reply to my RSVP. I use insert image, and then when i try to click on the image and click on the hyper link icon, there is nothing happen, there is no new window to pop up to insert my email address. Can you tell me where i gone wrong please???

  4. How can I stop gmail from Automatically hyperlinking any web address that I type?

    I am trying to send instructions to a friend but gmail hyperlinks part of the web-address that I type which leads to a broken link.

    So what I need is to prevent auto-hyperlinking so that the receipent can just copy the text the I type and paste it in his program.


  5. Thanks! So simple, but this was driving me crazy. I’ve been using Gmail for years and even noticed the “link” symbol in the tools header, but I’ve been using shortened urls, etc. instead of that tool. Duh.

  6. Hi,
    I am sending out a large email via gmail to advertise my upcoming film. I want to insert a jpeg digital “flyer” rather than attach a PDF, so that it opens automatically. But i would also like this jpeg to have an active hyperlink to a ticket purchasing website. When I follow the instructions above, it adds a hyperlink outside the imbedded jpeg.
    How do I send an email with an image (that is not an attachment) with an active hyperlink?
    Please advise.

  7. I am using gmail to respond to a client web form, but the hyperlinks using PHP do not show up. Someone told me that google automatically removes the hyperlink when the link is too long. Is there any “work-around” to this that anyone knows?

    Thanks – Harvey

  8. On the new gmail compose feature, I linked an image to a website address. Although I left the “Text to Display” box blank the website address still automatically appears on the side of the image. How do I remove the website address and still have the image linked to the website address?


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