10 thoughts on “Gmail Tips and Tricks – Login Automatically into Gmail (Google Mail)”

  1. This does not work for me…: ( please help someone! Even when I click remember me, when I close Firefox, I get brought back to the sign in screen. This is driving me crazy!!

  2. Open Firefox and click tools

    Click Options

    At the bottom you will see Private data

    Uncheck “Always clear my private data when I close Firefox”

    Now you will be able to be signed in.

    Let me know if it works or not

  3. Dave, still nothing working…Gmail is my homepage, and every time I open Firefox, my name and email address are filled in, but the remember me box doesn’t have the check mark in it, even if I clicked it the time before. This happened once before and after a while I found a website that had me go into the Mozilla files in my computer and change a line of code and it started working great again.

  4. Do you use Firefox 3?
    Try to over install again without uninstalling , so missing files will be installed.

    Note: I do not have knowledge on Editing Firefox code.


  5. Bob, you need to check these settings under “Privacy” tab of “Options” toolbox:
    1. Accept cookies from sites = Checked
    2. Accept third-party cookies = Checked
    3. Keep until = They expire

    Hope this helps you.

    Subin Fernandez

  6. My daughter accidentally entered your email address into the GMail log in… she is not a gmail user and the information will not stay 'deleted"… What can I do? Can i save the page settings after I make my changes.

  7. right click on the gmail envelope in the bottom right corner of the firefox browser and select login automatic.


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