Gmail Tips and Tricks – Using Boolean Operators in Gmail Filters

Gmail offers Filter options which is a great and very useful feature, in addition to that you can use Boolean operators to narrow your Filters or tighten your Gmail filters.

As you do search in Google you can use the operators in Gmail filters.

Boolean Operators


  • When you create a filter you can add this in any field of Gmail Filter options
  • You can add this in From filed with 2 different email addresses (you cannot use AND which is not possible)
  • You can use OR or AND in Has the word field
  • This will narrow down your filter

You can also use advanced operators like quotation marks around your filter terms

  • Eg., �Meeting reminder�

Use it inside quote and you will not get the alert for Meeting or for reminder but for Meeting Reminder

You can also use hyphen to neglect a word (-)

  • Eg., �Meeting

When you enter this term, you will not filter emails with the word meeting

You can use all these with the combination of all fields and terms in it.

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