Google Hacks – Domain Search (Advanced search)

How to search inside a domain? Looking for something inside a website?

You may want to find more information from a website or find out all the links from the website. When you enter a search term in Google, it will only list the related pages of any website.

For example, if you are looking for a news in a website or a persons name and his history or specific email ID to see if it is listed on the site, Just follow these steps to find it.

Go to

Type the site name you want to search as follows

Google Site Search
Google Site Search

You will get the result pages containing links for “”

So this page not only gives you the link to “” but also other website that has the word or phrase or link to “”

Google Site Search Results
Google Site Search Results

Now, if you want to know all the links or posts or searches only in “”

Add “Site:” to your search term like this “”

You can enter any site name instead of “” make sure to add “www” is added, my site does not require “www” but all site requires “.com” or the domain extension as “.org” or “.info” or “.net”

Google Site Search Results
Google Site Search Results

So this brings 58 results and all are from “”

If you want to search a specific word inside the domain then add the search keyword like “ Gmail

Do not forget to add a space between the domain name and the keyword.

Google Site Search Results
Google Site Search Results

This search gives you exactly what you are looking for in a specific domain.

Google also offers this feature in the Google toolbar as “search this site”

Remember: Google only displays the page that are listed in Google. There may be more pages and information inside a website.

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