Google Search Results Count Difference

I don’t know why Google displays 2 different result counts when I do the same search.

This is really weird. Since I am building my site, I often check how many pages of my sites are listed in Google by doing a Domain Search.

The keyword is

I did this search first, Google told me 1-10 of about 110 from

Google search Results Count
Google search Results Count

Since I wanted to see all the listed pages, I changed the preference to 100 results per page.

Google Search Preference
Google Search Preference

Once I saved the preference, It supposed to give me 100 results in 1 page and 10 in the next page. OR it should say repeated search results.

Instead of that Google just reduced the number of pages to 81.

The result now shows as 1-81 of 81 from

Google Search Results Different Count
Google Search Results Different Count

I wonder why?

I also thought, It is just a machine and it cannot be right and I also noticed a word “about” in my first search count.

Whatever it is, Google did not give me the same answer again when I did the search.

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