Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail Add New Contacts

Gmail offers a great contact management tools to easily add and manage many contacts.

If you want to add any new contacts

Login to Gmail

On the left side of the Gmail page, you will see the link Contacts

Click the Contacts link

Gmail Contacts Link

Gmail will open the contacts page

On the left corner of the page content you will see the button to add a new contact as seen below

Gmail Add Contact

Click the icon

You will get the new form for adding a new contact

Gmail Add Contact 1

You can� add more than 1 email address more than 1 Phone number more than 1 address and more than 1 IM id to a sigle contact.

So you can use Gmail Contacts as a phone books or contact organizer.

This way you can only add one contact to Gmail.

If you want to import bulk contacts to Gmail contacts you can do that by following the methods below

You need to have the CSV file ready with contacts. If you want to transfer contacts from Yahoo or transfer contacts from Outlook or copy contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or any email, you need to import the CSV file from the emails and have it ready for uploading it in Gmail.

Click Import on the top right corner of the content page

Gmail Contact Import You will see the screen as seen below with import options

Gmail Contact Import 1 Click the choose File button and select the contact CSV file

Then click the Gmail contact group that you want all the contacts to be saved

Then click Import

All your contacts in the CSV file will be loaded within few seconds

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