Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail Search, Find all Starred, all read, all unread emails

Gmail offers a great search feature that is similar to Google Search. It is very easy to use.

If you want to easily find all the unread or all the read emails or the emails that are starred follow the steps below.

Type is:starred for all the starred messages

is:unread for all the unread emails

Gmail Unread search

is:read for all the read emails

You can use these keywords along with other keywords and you can search inside read or unread or starred messages.

If you are looking for an email from David and if you know it is inside a starred messages, type is:starred from:David this Gmail search will bring all the emails from David but only the starred messages.

You can use many advanced operator with this search like follows.

Label:David is:Starred � this finds all the emails in the label David and are starred.

is:starred label:David � this finds all the emails starred and with the label David.

To:David is:starred � this search finds all the emails sent to David and are Starred.

is:unread label:David � this search find all the emails in the Label David and are unread.

I can extend this list to many search type but you can do the search and see for yourself.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment.

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