MS Excel Tips and Tricks – Change the Cell format from Text to Number

When you use Microsoft Excel, You will sometimes find that the numbers are not calculated properly. This is mainly because of the cell format.

Excel accepts Text and the Number input, it has the great capability to interpret between two. All the Excel cells are in General format, when you start working on any Excel sheet It automatically allots the format to each cell based on the characters inside.

If you see any cells containing the numbers but are aligned left side, you need to understand that the cell format is in Text mode. Whenever you see the numbers in any cells arranged in right side, The cell format is in Number.

Excell Cells in Text format

The calculation only works if you have the cell in numbers format

You can change the format from Text to Number by following the method below

Click on any empty cell and right click

Excel Format Cell Menu

Choose cell formatting

You will see a menu opening as seen below

Excel Format Cell Options

Under the Number Tab, Click number as shown in the image

Choose the decimal you want to have, make it ‘0’ if you do not want any decimal

Click OK to save

Now type ‘1’ in the cell that you have changed the format, Press enter

Then copy the cell

Copy Cell

Now select all the cells that you want to be changed to Number formatting

Then right click and choose Paste Special

Excel Cell Paste Special

Excel will give you Paste special Options as seen below

Excel Cell Paste Special 1

Choose Multiply

Then click OK, Do not change any other values

Now you will see all the selected cell formatting changed to Numbers and Excel automatically aligns the numbers to the right side

Excel Number Formatting

Now your calculation should work

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