MS-Excel Tips and Tricks – Change the Gridline color

Microsoft excel gridline are the ones that are around the cell in Grey color. By default excel has the grey color as the cell gridline border color.

You can change the Excel gridline color of a MS excel sheet by following the methods below.

  • Open MS Excel
  • Go to Tool
  • Click Options
  • You will see the small options windows opening as seen below

Excel Options window

  • At the bottom of the excel options window you will see Window Options
  • You will also se Gridlines color
  • Choose the color that you want and click OK

Excel Choose gridline colors

  • Now you will see the MS excel gridline colors change to the new one that you have selected

Excel Grid line color

Remember this is only applicable to one sheet that you select, if you want this gridline color change in all the Excel sheet in a work book, Group them before changing the color. To group all the sheet, hold shift key and click the first sheet then the last sheet.

To ungroup, right click on any excel sheet tab and select Ungroup

Excel Ungroup sheet

If you want this gridline color to affect all the excel workbook, you need to change the template.

This is applicable to MS Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.

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