Ms Excel Tips and Tricks Hide or Unhide Excel workbook

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  • You can hide any Microsoft excel workbook or sheets.
  • To hide a work book open the work book
  • Click Window menu
  • Click hide

Excel Hide work boox and sheets


  • The current workbook will be hidden from the view
  • When you close the MS Excel, If you have not saved the excel work book earlier, you will be prompted for the ms excel to be saved
  • You can find the Ms excel in the same folder but when you open you will not see any content
  • If you want to unhide a work book, open the MS excel and go to Windows menu and click Unhide

Excel unHide work book and sheets

  • Ms Excel will ask you which one of the hidden files that you want to open
  • Choose the file that you want to open

Excel unHide work book and sheets Confirmation

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