MS Excel Tips and Tricks – How to insert Date and Time in Header or Footer


.. Excel Logo You can insert Custom Headers and Custom Footers in any Microsoft Excel worksheet, so when you print, you will automatically see the custom header or footer in all the pages that you print.

  • Open the Excel sheet that you want to have the date and time header or footer
  • Go to View menu
  • Click Header and Footer
  • You will see the Page setup window opening
  • Click the Custom Header if you want the date and Time to be set on top of every page
  • Click the Customer Footer, if you want the date and time to be set on bottom of every page

Excel Header and Footer set up

  • I am going to set this on header
  • When you click on custom header, you will see one more option window opening. You have 3 areas to set up the date and time. Click left empty pane if you want to set the date and time on left. Click center or right to set it accordingly.

Excel Custom Header

  • Click the Date Icon to insert the Date
  • Click the time icon to insert the Time
  • And click OK to exit this menu
  • Now lets see the print preview

Excel Custom Header Date and Time

  • So now I have the Date and Time on every page I print from this MS Excel Sheet. You need to do this on every excel sheet that you want to have this set up.
  • If you want to set it by default on all the excel that you create, you need to edit the excel template
  • If you want to delete this Header and Footer
  • Go to View, click Header and Footer
  • Click Custom Header or Custom Footer
  • Delete the Characters inside the right or center or left side of the option window
  • Click ok

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