Firefox Tips – How to view the stored password?

Logo Firefox is a great browser which has better popularity that IE or any other browser. Firefox offers many feature and one of the great features is saving your password.

You do not need to remember every password that you enter in every site. You just need to make Firefox remember it.

Now lets say you want to know a specific password that you have asked Firefox to remember.

  • Open Firefox
  • Go to Tools menu and click Options

Firfox Tools Options

  • Click Security Tab
  • At the middle section you will see the Password options

Firefox Show Password options

  • You will also see the button “Saved password”, Click on it

Firefox Show Password

  • This will open one more window and click “Show password” at the bottom
  • Now you will see the site name, user name and the password
  • This is not a great method if you have a shared computer. So do not save your password in public computer. People can actually will find the password of your email address and other important things.
  • If it is your personal computer this is a great tool.
  • You need to make sure you are not deleting the passwords when cleaning the browsing history

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