Google Docs Tips – Open a New Document


Google document is much better application than Microsoft Word.

The main difference is, Google Docs is free and widely used nowadays. This post will help you understand how to open a new document while starting with Google Docs.

  • Sign in to your Google Doc account by going to the link
  • You will see the below page opening

Google Docs Overview

  • On the Menu bar you will see New menu, click on it


Google Doc Open a new Document

  • As seen in the above image click Document
  • This will open a new window with the new document
  • The below page will load

Google New Document

  • The new Google documents are named as Untitled by default, you can edit the by clicking on the Untitled word
  • Google docs save the work automatically, you also have the option of saving the document and also Save and Close the Google Document
  • As mentioned in the image you have nice working space similar to MS Word document

I will explain more about the menu and formatting the documents in my future posts

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