Change Default Search Engine in Google Chrome

Some people may not like Google Search Engine as a default search engine in Google Chrome. They can change the setting easily by following the steps below.

Open Google Chrome

Click settings icon

Google Chrome Options Click Options

Google Chrome Change Search Engine Click the Manage button and choose the search engine that you want

This way you can add any search engine that you want as a default one

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One thought on “Change Default Search Engine in Google Chrome”

  1. A new search engine in town is being compared to Google. cuil (pronounced cool) has an impressive number of web pages indexed and a nice interface to the web, but Google it isn’t….at least not yet. Still, it’s worth checking out and popping in once in a while to see if they continue to improve. One very noticable thing is that the images they display can’t always be found on the resulting web site. Some of our listings showed images I’ve never seen before so I know it’s not old images. Some links were old and led to different (new) sites or 404 errors. Good luck to them. It ain’t easy taking on the big boys of search.

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