MS Outlook 2003 and 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Mail Ctrl+1
Calendar Ctrl+2
Contacts Ctrl+3
Tasks Ctrl+4
Notes Ctrl+5
Folder list Ctrl+6
Shortcuts Ctrl+7
Next message (with a message open) Ctrl+. (period)
Previous message (with a message open) Ctrl+, (comma)
Move between Navigation Pane, Outlook main windows, and Reading pane F6
Move around Navigation Pane Arrow keys
Change folder Ctrl+Y
Go to Search F3
In the Reading pane, previous message Ctrl+, (comma)
In the Reading pane, page down through text Spacebar
In the Reading pane, page up through text Shift+spacebar
Expand or collapse group in Navigation Pane Shift++ (plus sign) or Shift+– (minus sign)
Expand or collapse group in inbox Left arrow or right arrow
Next field in Reading pane Shift+Tab
Previous field in Reading pane Ctrl+Tab
Previous view in main Outlook window Alt+B
Forward to next view in Outlook window Alt+right arrow
Start a send/receive for all defined send/receive groups F9
Start a send/receive for the current folder Shift+F9
Define send/receive groups Ctrl+Alt+S
Play a macro Alt+F8
Select the InfoBar and show the menu of commands Ctrl+Shift+W

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