MS Outlook 2003 and 2007 Calendar Shortcut Keys


Action Shortcut
Create a new appointment Ctrl+N
Create a new appointment from anywhere in Outlook Ctrl+Shift+A
Create a new meeting request Ctrl+Shift+Q
Forward item Ctrl+F
Reply to meeting request with a message Ctrl+R
Reply all Ctrl+Shift+R
Show from 1 to 10 days in the calendar Alt+1, Alt+2, and so on, through to Alt+0 (for 10)
Go to date Ctrl+G
Switch to weeks Alt+– (minus sign)
Switch to months Alt+= (equals sign)
Month view Ctrl+Alt+4
Next/previous day Ctrl+right arrow/left arrow
Next/previous week Alt+down arrow/up arrow
Next/previous month Alt+Page Down/Page Up
Start of week Alt+Home
End of week Alt+End
Full week view Ctrl+Alt+3
Work week view Ctrl+Alt+2
Next/previous appointment Ctrl+. (period)/Ctrl+, (comma)
Set up recurring appointment Ctrl+G
Select time that working day begins/ends Home/End
Select previous/next block of time Up arrow/down arrow
Select block of time at top of screen Page Up
Select block of time at bottom of screen Page Down
Extend/reduce time Shift+up arrow/Shift+down arrow
Move appointment up/down Alt+up arrow/Alt+down arrow
Move appointment forward one week Alt+down arrow
Move appointment back one week Alt+up arrow

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