How to Restore Gmail Contacts

You can restore accidently deleted Gmail Contacts from Gmail.

You can undo any deletion or any merging or any activity by 30 days. you can customize the days and hours too as seen in the below image.

Click contacts on the left side. And on top of the contacts list click More Actions

Click Restore contacts

You will find the below “Restore Contacts” option popping up

Restore Contacts

Choose the required time frame and click restore.

Once you Click Restore, you will find the result in yellow color on top with an undo option.

Restore Contacts Results

This way you can restore accidently deleted Gmail contacts very easily.

One thought on “How to Restore Gmail Contacts”

  1. I do not think that I am deleting any email addresses and periodically I go into my contact list and there is nothing there. If I am lucky I can restore them. However, I now have to check each time I log in to see if my contacts are still there

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