National Geographic Tamil Very Bad Dubbing

I have written a letter to NGC director about the very bad dubbing on most of their prime time programs.

Dear Director of Tamil NGC,

It is great to know that you have a Tamil channel to reach several millions of audience.

At the same time, it is really not tolerable to watch some idiotic dubbing voice.

For example,

Dog Whisperer – one of the great prime time programs that I love to watch along with all my family members. They love it too.. But You keep changing the voice for Cesar, it does not give us a good feel to watch. We do not get comfortable watching it. It takes time for us to adjust to a new tone.

Next worst thing is about the females dubbing staff that you have… It is totally annoying. How can a grown female give a voice for a child. It is better to leave it as it is than giving a fake voice and irritating the viewers.

We make fun of your programs everyday in office. In fact one of my friend has started to imitate this whenever he gets mad 🙂

You are simply making your audience go away from viewing your channel.

Please please please… Get rid of this situation and keep a good Dubbing artists. If you want to give a child’s voice you can use Karaoke feature which is available in most of the PCs with Realtek Sound Card. It is so simple. You can change a female voice to males voice or to child’s voice.

Hope you will fix this…



6 thoughts on “National Geographic Tamil Very Bad Dubbing”

  1. Not only the voice of the dubbing artist, the pronunciation of the beautiful tamil language is been ruined by the dubbing artist…. we feel really ashamed to hear his slang and accent… there are a lot of good dubbing artist who do a great job, Please select one of them instead of paying to some stupid s***t… I am not sure if you are bothered about the reputation of your channel…



  3. Dear Mr. Dave,

    I am a Voice Artiste and have dubbed many of NGC in Tamil. I hear the original in English and compare what is scripted in Tamil and then deliver with minor corrections wherever required.

    Your observation could be avoided if Artistes have knowledge of both English and Tamil and/or if such recording takes place under the supervision of at least one Technical person from the NGC side.

    1. I wonder why they have to even dub the kids voice with female awkward voice. There are many instances that irritate the viewers like, the breathing part, you do not need to dub that right.

      If some one is breathing/panting/gasping, how can you make the dubbing artist to do the same. If you leave it to the natural voice, it will look much much better.

    2. Sir,
      Do you know who is giving tamil voice to science of stupid in NGC and Ben10 in cartoon network?
      I am a very big fan of that tamil voice artist since his commentry is nice and so funny.
      If you have any information about this please let me know sir.

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