How to Remove Hyperlink from Gmail

You may know how to hyperlink any text in Gmail but may struggle to remove the hyperlink. Here is how to do it.

Lets now remove the hyperlink from the below content

Hyperlink Gmail

First click on the link that you want to remove

When you click you will see a small menu popping at the bottom of the link like below

Hyperlink Gmail

Now click Remove to remove the hyperlink. OR Click Change to change the hyperlink

Once you do the removal you can see how it looks Smile

Remove hyperlink

5 thoughts on “How to Remove Hyperlink from Gmail”

  1. All emails I compose that contact numbers, the numbers turn into hyperlinks. I do not want this to happen in the first place.

    I have used the remove feature but when I send, it recreates the link. Very frustrating.

    Got any ideas? I would be grateful.

  2. Hi!

    I’ve been using the above mentioned process to remove individual hyperlinks from emails before sending but when I go to my “sent” folder and open the email the hyperlink appears in the sent message.

    Any advice on how I permanently get rid of a hyperlink without going to “plain text”?


  3. Thank you! I removed my hyperlink from the domain in the e-mail I wished to send.

    But when I checked my Sent Mail folder I found the domain had been hyperlinked again! Argh!

  4. But once you send the mail, the hyperlink appears when the receiver opens it. Is there any way to prevent this. Coz my email address has an underscore which gets masked with the hyperlink

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