Search Major Search Engines by One Click

I found this software Quick Internet Search today while browsing. I tested it and It works fine with IE7 but in Firefox it did not do well.

This piece of software is light weight and you can have this running at your desktop without consuming much resources. When you want to do a search in Google, Ask, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engines. Simply type in the search term and click browse. This will open a new browser window and will open the results in different tabs.

This is really good when you are involved in a research process. This should help you quickly take a look at all the major search giants.

“Quick Internet Search” is not only limits you with general search, you can also search blogs, Images, Videos and much more.

You save lot of time opening and closing multiple tabs, you do not need to have multiple toolbars for searching purpose alone.

Visit the below page for a detailed description and download this free software You can also download it here

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Clean the registry / Delete temp files for windows Xp / Vista


This is one of the most powerful registry and system cleaning software and it is free.

I found it when I had trouble to delete some viruses and my computer was running very slowly. I read in a forum about how to use this. I did use it and found it very very useful

Ccleaner fixes the registry also by cleaning unwanted extension and other entries left by the unwanted software.  Ccleaner deletes the temporary files from your disk completely. You just need to close your browser IE or Firefox and opera or anything else.

You will have more options to choose. If you do not want to delete the history from Firefox or IE then you can choose that, same with the password or auto fill forms.

This is light weight and used by so many people to protect from themselves from Virus and any other spyware that comes through the temp files and cookies.

This is also called CC Cleaner.

There are other functions with the CC Cleaner. If you want to disable any item from the startup of windows XP, you can disable that using CC Cleaner. You can uninstall any application using CCleaner.

So you will never need to worry about restarting the computer after doing the modifications to the windows start programs.

Here is the screenshot taken from their website

CCleaner Application window
CCleaner Application window
Ccleaner application temp file clean up options
Ccleaner application temp file clean up options
Ccleaner Startup disable enable window
Ccleaner Startup disable enable window
CCleaner options window
CCleaner options window

I strongly recommend you to have this software in your computer. I love it!

Download CCleaner

If you want to know how to delete the search history or browser history or web history or address bar history, just post a comment and I will guide you quickly. And if you install this software, this will do all the job for you.

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