How to Remove Hyperlink from Gmail

You may know how to hyperlink any text in Gmail but may struggle to remove the hyperlink. Here is how to do it.

Lets now remove the hyperlink from the below content

Hyperlink Gmail

First click on the link that you want to remove

When you click you will see a small menu popping at the bottom of the link like below

Hyperlink Gmail

Now click Remove to remove the hyperlink. OR Click Change to change the hyperlink

Once you do the removal you can see how it looks Smile

Remove hyperlink

Accessing Google Apps from Gmail New Interface

The new interface of Gmail and many other Google product may irritate you with its dull look. In fact most of the options have changed. I use Google Apps for my company email account. But suddenly I was wondering where the “Manage This Domain” link has gone. After some time I found the link and wanted to share with you.


After login to Gmail, Google Apps account, On the right click the gear icon. You will be immediately taken to the admin page in a new tab.




Hope this small tip helps Smile