Web based mail vs Desktop Mail Client


Compare Web based mail with Desktop Mail Client

  • Advantages of Web based email
    • Web based mail allows user to access their email from any part of the world with internet connection
    • Web based mail offers features like forwarding mails in seconds with attachment of large sizes
    • Web based mail allows you to connect with friends, workers and family and transfer document with a single Id
    • Organize the emails with folders or labels
    • Does not get affected because of virus attachments
    • Automatic filters available
    • Free spam filters available with most of the email providers
    • Free Anti-virus check for all the attachments
    • Online free contact management


  • Cannot access emails offline
  • Slow connectivity issues
  • Applying easy rules and filters is not possible
  • Limited options over email Clients
  • Cannot followup email
  • Labels and folder colors are not available with most of the providers
  • Content collapses when sending emails (Especially when sending tables)
  • Download every time you want to open the attachment
  • Advantages of Desktop Email Clients
    • Offline access to all the emails
    • Download only the headers
    • Can work in slow internet connection by downloading the headers
    • Any number of folders can be created
    • Folders can be customized
    • Reminder and follow up option
    • One time download for all the attachment
    • Set up a rule for automated actions
    • Alerts for emails and customizable
    • Preview of messages
    • Grouping the messages by several selection like by Name, Conversation, Subject, Date and many more
    • Sort and filter messages
  • Disadvantages of Desktop Email Clients
    • Need to carry everywhere to access the old emails
    • Need to have anti-virus software to clean the incoming and outgoing emails

There are more advantages and disadvantages for both category. I always suggest you to choose an email provider with web mail and also with IMAP access

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