Firefox add on search sucks the most

image There are 1000s of add-on’s written to work with the popular web browser Firefox. But when I want to search for a specific add-on it is hard to find.

You can easily find the popular ones but what I search for is not popular. I don’t understand under what term Firefox searches. When I search the add-on’s for Thunderbird it shows Firefox add-on’s.

I am so sick of this non sense search. Unfortunately, I am a great fan of Firefox.

If you are a developer make sure to change this simple bug, that will make the users satisfied and use more useful add-on’s. In fact I feel much better to search Google for Firefox add on’s rather than searching it on Firefox website.




Google wave invite


Hey there, I am still hunting for a Google wave invite?

Did anyone visiting the site have luck with it. I had m friends get some from twitter and some contest. Also it seems like the user from some specific geographical region don not have any invite to give away.

Please post your comments.