Change Default Search Engine in Google Chrome

Some people may not like Google Search Engine as a default search engine in Google Chrome. They can change the setting easily by following the steps below.

Open Google Chrome

Click settings icon

Google Chrome Options Click Options

Google Chrome Change Search Engine Click the Manage button and choose the search engine that you want

This way you can add any search engine that you want as a default one

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Import/Merge IE and Firefox Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers this great feature of merging bookmarks or import bookmarks from Firefox or from Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome always asks this while you install it.

Open Google Chrome

Click the Settings Icon as seen in the below Image

Google Chrome Import Bookmarks

Click Import bookmarks & Settings…

Google Chrome Import Bookmarks and setings

When you get this pop up window choose Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer

Then Choose the settings that you want to import

Then click Import

You will see Google Chrome Importing the selected settings.

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