Accessing Google Apps from Gmail New Interface

The new interface of Gmail and many other Google product may irritate you with its dull look. In fact most of the options have changed. I use Google Apps for my company email account. But suddenly I was wondering where the “Manage This Domain” link has gone. After some time I found the link and wanted to share with you.


After login to Gmail, Google Apps account, On the right click the gear icon. You will be immediately taken to the admin page in a new tab.




Hope this small tip helps Smile

Google Adsense Language Violations

If you are a Google Adsense user, it is better to write your content in English. By doing so, you will gain more audience than local user. But If your site is mainly focused on local market where Google does not support the language, it is better not to use Adsense on that site.

Here is the Adsense policy from Google:

Google Adsense Language

So, it is not wise to play with Google guys, They will simply close your account and you cannot get your money back again and also you cannot use Google Adsense on your other sites