Google New Search Feature

Gmail has introduced a new search feature which is really cool. I have posted many Advanced search tips earlier. this adds to the same list again.

Here is the screen shot showing this feature.

Click the Show options link and you will see a menu opening in the left side

Google Advanced Search New Feature1

Once when you see this menu choose the parameters to get the refined result as you wanted. You will also see a new link button appearing at the end of this menu called “Reset options” when you choose any of the other options. Just click on that link to reset any filters.

Google Advanced Search New Feature

This is a great feature Google has introduced now. We had to do the advanced search so far, now no more tricky searches.

Search Major Search Engines by One Click

I found this software Quick Internet Search today while browsing. I tested it and It works fine with IE7 but in Firefox it did not do well.

This piece of software is light weight and you can have this running at your desktop without consuming much resources. When you want to do a search in Google, Ask, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engines. Simply type in the search term and click browse. This will open a new browser window and will open the results in different tabs.

This is really good when you are involved in a research process. This should help you quickly take a look at all the major search giants.

“Quick Internet Search” is not only limits you with general search, you can also search blogs, Images, Videos and much more.

You save lot of time opening and closing multiple tabs, you do not need to have multiple toolbars for searching purpose alone.

Visit the below page for a detailed description and download this free software You can also download it here

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