Airtel displays tariff that does not exist

I have been using Airtel for years. I use 1MBPS connection where I get 2MBPS till 30GB then get 1 MBPS. And I pay 1600 for that

I checked their tariff couple of months ago and found the new package highlighted below.


Airtel Tariff wrong


The fun part is they do not have that package at all. The rate is 2500 for 2MBPS and 75 GB limit.

I called up Airtel guys and asked for this plan and that guy was like,…. what…. no sir…. we do not have any plans. And I told him that I see it on your website. He said, “I do not know about that” then again I asked him to check, he said he does not have access Sad smile

So I asked him to take the message and report it to the authority. Few months have gone and I still see this.

Airtel being a Big company cannot even display the tariff right.

I also do not like the design, it is so confusing. Hope they will fix these issues soon.