Web based IM (Instant Messaging) No Download

Meebo (All in one Web based IM)

When I was working for a company couple of years back, I found this wonderful website for chatting without downloading the chat software.

You may not have permission to download and install any software in your office PC. But if you want to chat with your friends and family members you do not need to install any software in your system.

Meebo is the choice for everyone.

Meebo Supports, Yahoo Messenger, MSN / Windows Live Messenger, AOL (AIM), ICQ, Jabbar, Gtalk (Google Talk)

Meebo also supports Playing games, video conference, transfer files, and so much more, all from your Web browser.

Meebo Sign in page
Meebo Sign in page

It normally works with popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Some times if you have any restriction on your computer using firewall, you may not be able to chat. You can also find the work around in Meebo Instant messaging website Meebo.com.

Keep visiting this blog for more updates. If you have any questions like how to use or any issues post a comment and let me see if I can help.

All IMs in one place using Digsby


This software is used for having the Yahoo IM, MSN messenger, Gtalk and AIM in one place. You do not need to download each application, just download digsby and start using all.

You can have all your contacts (buddy list) in one IM window.

You can rename the contacts to however you like.

You can also access your email from Digsby.

Digsby allows user to configure POP email in the option menu. All the POP Emails headers will be fetched periodically.

I am using Digsby and it is very helpful. I have asked most of my office staff to try it out. It is free.

The negative points will be voice chat, I have not used� digsby for voice chat yet. And Also I have not tried using the Video (IM)

Digsby also supports Social newsfeed, social network, email alerts and notification and Instant messenger like aim (Aol instant messenger), MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger (WLM), Yahoo messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Aol mail, IMAP, POP mail, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Linkedin.

Screen shot from Digby (All in one IM) Website, you will also find the download link for this website.

Digsby All in one IM
Digsby All in one IM
Digsby IM window
Digsby IM window
Digsby Email support
Digsby Email support
Chat in Notification window (pop up)
Chat in Notification window (pop up)

Download Digsby now for free

Dave 🙂

Note: I only recommand this software but do not support or guarentee anything