National Geographic Tamil Very Bad Dubbing

I have written a letter to NGC director about the very bad dubbing on most of their prime time programs.

Dear Director of Tamil NGC,

It is great to know that you have a Tamil channel to reach several millions of audience.

At the same time, it is really not tolerable to watch some idiotic dubbing voice.

For example,

Dog Whisperer – one of the great prime time programs that I love to watch along with all my family members. They love it too.. But You keep changing the voice for Cesar, it does not give us a good feel to watch. We do not get comfortable watching it. It takes time for us to adjust to a new tone.

Next worst thing is about the females dubbing staff that you have… It is totally annoying. How can a grown female give a voice for a child. It is better to leave it as it is than giving a fake voice and irritating the viewers.

We make fun of your programs everyday in office. In fact one of my friend has started to imitate this whenever he gets mad 🙂

You are simply making your audience go away from viewing your channel.

Please please please… Get rid of this situation and keep a good Dubbing artists. If you want to give a child’s voice you can use Karaoke feature which is available in most of the PCs with Realtek Sound Card. It is so simple. You can change a female voice to males voice or to child’s voice.

Hope you will fix this…