Search Files and folders for Windows XP Vista

AVA Find

This is one small software which is more powerful in searching the files.

The best part is, you can get the results as you type the search words. The free version does not support searching the network. I did not try the professional version, but the free version has no limitations to the local drive search.

With the search results you can browse the files directly from the list.

Ava find has an automated index feature, all you have to do is enable this to start with windows. One more best feature is, when you download any file from the internet, it automatically adds to the sidebar for easy access.

Here is the screenshot of Ava Find

Ava find screenshot
Ava find screenshot

Download Ava Find

Try it yourself and do not forget to post the comment.

Dave 🙂

Best Search Software for your Windows

Index your Files

Regular windows search function is not that good. If you want to search any file, it takes so much time to get the result and too many options that you do not need.

Here is the best search software which is again very small. You do not need to install this. All you have to do is just run the file and save the data base in a desired location.

This is also called IYF (index your files)

How it works?

Once you install this software, you need to index all your files by clicking and selecting the location. This is very fast, I mean very very fast. Once the index is done, you can start searching for any files or folders. You do not need to type the whole name of the file, you can just type in what you remember and you can also choose which type of files you wish to search. You can use wildcard characters like (**).

If you run a search, IYF will list all the files matching your current search query. You can sort them by the File Type, Size, and Name.

This is a best software that you need for your PC. If your storage space is more than 60GB, use this software. Try it for yourself.

Here is the screen shot

Index your files screenshot
Index your files screen shot

Remember this is not for the files that you saved recently, if you want to find all the files regardless of when you saved them. Run the index search feature to get the recently saved files.

Download Index your files

Dave 🙂