Cleaning your Windows XP Without additional software

You can delete all the temp files in your system by the following methods.

  1. Click start and run
  2. Type  %temp%
  3. A new window will open with all the files and folders that are temporary.
  4. Select all by pressing Ctrl+A
  5. Delete all the files by pressing delete key
  6. To Delete the files permanently press Shift+delete together

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Free File Management Software for your PC (Windows XP/Vista)

File management system in Windows OS is not user friendly. There are so many options that you can get using other free addons.

Here are the best ones that I use. I have also given the download link so that you can download them and try it. These are so powerful for personal and business users and your staffs.

Folder Guide

This is a wonderful software which is free of cost. (Freeware)

This helps you to add more folders that you frequently access. For example, when you want to send an email and the file is in D: drive, when you click browse to attach the file it will only open “My Documents” then you need to navigate to the specific drive and the folder to attach the file.

Using folder guide, you just need to click on the folder which is already there in your context menu.

Before doing this you need to add the frequently accessed folder to the Folder guide.

Below is the picture of how a folder guide looks.

Folderguide Screenshot
Folderguide Screenshot

Download Folder guide

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