About DSP

  • I love technical stuff
  • I want to help people know the tech world
  • Interested in teaching
  • I teach people what I know and how I learned (English, Computer and Internet)
  • Buying new books
  • Reading motivation books
  • Learn things quickly if taught 🙂
  • Also learn things in a hard way
  • I am a realistic, (I call it experience)
  • Love to spend days in surfing
  • Thinking technically
  • Ask W/H question about any new thing that I find
  • I will go mad if I don’t get an answer
  • I believe in God
  • But I don’t blame God for my mistakes
  • I don’t ask God for anything other than the safety of my life
  • Love riding Bike
  • Have only few best friends
  • Want to grow like Ambani/Warren/Bill

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