MS Excel Tips and Tricks – Remove or Add Fixed Decimal Points

Sometimes you will see Microsoft excel sheet adds the decimal points with all the numbers that you enter. You can remove that from happening.

If you want to add the decimal points in every number you enter you can also do that.

  • Open the Excel Sheet
  • Go to Tools
  • Click Options

Excel Decimal Options


  • Click the Edit tab
  • As highlighted in the above image, you will see the fixed decimal option
  • If you want the Excel to automatically enter the decimal points check the Fixed Decimal option, also you can choose how many decimal points that you want to have
  • If you want to remove the automatic decimal points, un check the Fixed decimal points
  • Click Ok to save the settings
  • Now any number you enter you will see the changes

This is applicable to Microsoft Office 2003, Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.

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