Excel Tips and Tricks Cell Label, Cell Name, Range Name


Microsoft Excel worksheets has name for each cells. They start from A1.

These are used to calculate values and for reference purposes. Having these numbers in a complex formula will be a pain. If you know these number in words it will be very easy to do the calculations.

So Go to the first cell A1

Just above that A1 cell, you have the cell reference box.

Label Cells

Type the name you want, I am typing First as a reference to cell A1. It means that there is no more A1 cell in the worksheet because we changed it to First.

Cell Names

And enter 3 inside the cell

Now move to any other cell and change the cell name/label to Last

Cell Names 1

Enter 2 in the cell

Now move to another cell and enter this simple formula


Cell Names 2

You will see the result 5

Cell Names 3

Before this formula to work, you need to change the options to accept these labels

Cell Label Options

Go to Tools menu and click Options

Under the calculations tab, Check the “Accept Labels in Formulas”

And click OK.


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Dave 🙂