MS Excel Tips and Tricks Hide Worksheet(S)

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  • You can hide Microsoft Excel worksheet from any work book
  • Open the Workbook that you want to hide the excel worksheets from
  • Select the sheet that you want to hide
  • You can also select the multiple worksheets, changes will appear in all the sheets
  • Go to Format menu
  • Click Sheet and Hide

Excel Hide worksheet


  • You will see the selected Excel worksheets vanishing from the view
  • If you want to unhide the sheets go to Format menu
  • Select sheet and Unhide

Excel unHide worksheet

  • You will get a message window asking for confirmation to open a specific Excel sheet
  • Select the Excel worksheet that you want to unhide

Excel unHide worksheets1

  • You can unhide the multiple worksheets one by one, you cannot unhide them all together.
  • Applicable to Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2007

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